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February 27, 2007 03:16 PM PST


So, I guess I'm not donating blood anymore. That picture was taken 2 weeks after my blood was taken. While it is getting better, I just can't take risks like that with my arms/hands. When I talked to the CBS nurse, her concern was for nerve damage ... and that's just not on!

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February 05, 2007 01:08 PM PST

Jenny & Staci

Went to Seattle this weekend to catch up with the Seattle Kru and also to see my old friend Staci who was in town on a company retreat. Staci and I worked at an advertising agency together in Seattle in 2000. Since 2002, she's been back in her home state of Kansas and, after graduation from a journalism program at KU, she's now in NYC working for MSN Money (ooh la la!). Poor Staci seems to have picked up the stereotypical NYC habit of "well, in New York it's ..." as a response to any casual statement.

Kirby & Kirby

Will decides to set a visual reminder of who is calling him when it's Kirby. Umm... shouldn't you already know what your husband looks like??

Graffiti wall

After brunch with the gang, it was off with Hank, Jeff, and Carrie to do some urban exploration at an old bowling alley.

Hank in a metal tunnel

It was absolutely phenominal ... so creepy yet cool, and the sound of the rain hitting the roof and trickling down within the building provided a great soundtrack to complete the ambiance. It was definitely "an elite, super ninja thing to be doing"!! So much fun!! (thanks again, Hank!)

Urban climber

Jeff is a climbophiliac - he'll climb anything!

Duck chasing

Carrie is a climbophiliac too, but she's also and expert duck chaser...

Dog Whisperer

...and dog owner whisperer.

Air Jeff

Jeff demonstrates how to defeat my arch-nemesis: gravity!

Staci & James

Fittingly, my last excursion in Seattle was with Staci. Can't wait to see you again, sweetie; you really haven't changed a bit!

Fog freighter

Fog dogged me all the way back to Canada. I wish I'd had my camera in the passenger compartment of the car (rather than the trunk) when I was going through some absolutely gorgeous scenery just south of Bellingham ... at 150mph!

More photos of the trip are available too.

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