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June 21, 2006 09:44 PM PST

Dawn on the summer solstice

Getting up at 0300 today was a bitch, but spending the morning with Jim, Davin, Gurton, Sheena, and good ol' Sol made it all worth while!

From high atop the Malahat, we watched the dawn on the longest day of the year. Five cameras and 10 eyes took in the first light of the new day as the orange fiery sphere first peaked out, then ventured forth in a dazzling array of colour.

A fine morning, a fine field trip ... and now a fine *early* time for bed!

Observatory skyline

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June 06, 2006 07:23 PM PST

Sidney Snows

Woke up this morning ... it took a while. Padded out in bare feet to the living room and noticed first thing the Vickers up on the wall: "Sidney Snows". It looks really good where it is; our home is really coming together. I got busy and prep'd some forms for the strata. Stretched, looked up at and out of the tall windows in the living room, gazed at the blue sky. Streeeetch, yawn. Back into the bedroom, into the ensuite and had a nice warm shower. *blink,blink* Finally awake. Brushed teeth and, returning, found the bed empty. My beautiful blonde was making me some *special* hot chocolate for me in the kitchen. Microwave, glass, metal cup, and peripherals beeped and clanked about as I got dressed. A quiet, non-rushed morning chat of plans and things followed and then the 5 minute drive to work. *Sip* ahhhhhhhhh, now that's the stuff!

The living room

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