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July 17, 2005 12:27 PM PST

Lazy day at Lake Enid

The week in Invermere was a good getaway. Relaxation, mountain air, and some good outdoor fun. Of course, now we're back, I'm making up the lost time at work. Must run, as I'm heading in again today.

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July 06, 2005 11:41 AM PST

Whoops! I forgot to post them -- too busy! Well, here they are now. Unfortunately, there are only a few as my camera battery died half-way through. I borrowed Steve's camera for the end of the show, so I'll try and get the pics from him soon.

Don't expect to hear from me for a bit - I'm heading off to Invermere on Saturday for 5 days. However, I'm borrowing a telephoto lens to throw on my new camera (Nikon D70s - you've been seeing pics from it since the TallShips), so I should have some pretty nice pics to post when I get back!

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July 04, 2005 04:02 PM PST

Oh, now there we go! This is perhaps a little more appropriate. What was with the cloudy skies? The first sub-optimal (weather-wise) Canada Day I can remember. Lucky we had a great time anyway!

The fireworks were pretty good this year, on par with last year and a WHOLE step up from previous years. More of them to follow (I'll update the post tonight).

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July 01, 2005 01:30 PM PST

Happy Canada Day! Sure, it ain't a Canada Goose, but it's all I've got at the moment. Tell ya what, why not just pretend it's a Canada Goose? ;)

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