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April 19, 2005 03:57 PM PST

Tuesday afternoon.
Sunny outside, me inside.
Half-eaten sandwich, empty drink cup on the desk.
Braeden "Hard" in the ears.
Date and time software bug fixes on screen.
Earlier, a walk down memory lane.
Tonight: pesto chicken pasta.
Wishing for beach.
1+ hours to go...

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April 08, 2005 05:45 PM PST

Friday afternoons are always best accompanied by some great music, and not in headphones. To that end, I've borrowed my neighbour's computer speakers (since he left early) and am enjoying my tunes out loud in the almost-empty office.

The sun that's been peeking over my shoulder all afternoon seems to have headed off into a cloud bank for a snooze - I understand that it's going to be out and about a lot this weekend. With my contracts behind me, I plan to be hanging out with the sun while it does its rounds through the sky ... instead of inside and heads down in my dark basement suite.

The track of the moment is the title track of Coldplay's "A Rush Of Blood To The Head" album.

PS- for those who don't know, I'm moving at the end of this month. About 5 blocks away from where I currently reside. Woot to a bright, south-facing 3rd floor apt with a balcony!

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