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March 28, 2005 12:08 PM PST

Easter has come and gone with only a few ripples to mark its passing. The long weekend was good, but I still worked some. There was a degree more of sociality, but not too much. There was a shade more chocolate consumption, but still relatively little.

This weekend did mark the completion (hopefully) of my two extra-curricular projects. The first was actually completed to spec earlier this week and is now with the client for testing. The second was finished on Friday and is likewise awaiting testing. I expect there will be a few more tidy-up items to take care of, but things are essentially finished. I am looking forward to a time where I am not feeling guilty for having outstanding tasks, and where I can focus on whatever I want to in my spare time whenever I want. When was the last time I had that? It's been a while.

Happy birthday to Ray and Kenzie; it was great being a part of both you guys' celebrations. It's been way too long on both counts!

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March 19, 2005 11:35 AM PST

A bright and sunny March 12th found 5 of us cruising up the island on a Grand Adventure(tm) - food, fun, and sun were the theme. It was Sheena's big day, so we trouped around to various and sundry localles, exploring, puttering, and putting (mini golf, don't ya know?).

"WTF, mate?"

It was a day that was used to its fullest potential; something that has not happened in a little while, though I expect more to come. Even now we are getting ready to head back up island again - two for two Saturdays - this time for to see an Oscar Wilde play in dear old Chemainus.

Oops, our ride is here, so off I fly ... I'll leave you with an ass for fun.

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March 09, 2005 06:11 PM PST

We went down to the beach the other night, and I can see exactly where I'm going to be spending my spring and summer evenings this year! Since we live only a graveyard away from the water, it's an easy little stroll ... and there's something very cool and relaxing about sitting down at the water in the dark. Of course, there's a 'no beach fires' rule so partying and raising a ruckus is not as feasible, but it's still fun to sit down there. There is something deeply satisfying sitting in the darkness, either on logs or on the stones, hunkered down with friends, just talking and hanging out.

Sort of in contravention of the fires rule, I took my fire poi down there with me and spun to the music emanating from my car, which was backed up on the sidewalk, rear hatch open to allow the music to pulse down to me on the beach. We deliberately chose a spot that was mostly devoid of other "night-beachers", but there were still a couple of groups that paused to watch the flames spin and dance on the end of my chains. It was the first time I'd spun in rather a long time (since sometime last fall), and it was good to see I hadn't lost all my technical knowledge ... though my grace was perhaps a little lacking. Or perhaps that was due to the rocky shore! ;)

I'm really looking forward to summer this year!

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