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September 23, 2004 11:28 AM PST

God, it's over a month since I've posted anything here. ...And what a month! Busy-ness was the name of the game, and still is, in fact. The contracts that distracted me during the time of my last 3 posts continue unabaited. They have, in fact, intensified, as they all have deadlines that fast approach.

My annual trip to Black Rock City, the third largest city in Nevada (for a week), was absolutely phenominal. It's always absolutely phenominal, but each year for vastly differing reasons. I'd get into it more, but without a frame of reference, you'll just get confused and think that I'm weird ... -er than you already do.

Time marches on, and I have so little of it to start, so I'll end here and now. I'm taking reservations for November - in case you want to hang out! ;)

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