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May 27, 2004 10:10 PM PST

So I guess I've been pretty quiet lately. I'm really not too sure why. It's not like I haven't been spending time on the computer, quite the opposite. I'm up most mornings at a decent, normal hour for "work" (job hunting), and staring blearily at the computer by 0900 at latest. It surprises me that in a period of time where I'm actually at the computer less than I've been daily for the past who knows how many years, I'm actually less inclined to want to be in front of it. Actually, it could be something to do with the computer I'm using. Since I moved to Timmy's, I no longer have wireless internet, and so am stuck up in the computer room all day. When I was living with Erik, at least I could relax outside with the sun in my face while using the computer.

Also, I'm not feeling particularly prolific these days. The weekdays blur into a continuous stream, broken only by relaxing and fun weekends. God help me - I think that weekends are relaxing and fun ... and I'm NOT going to work every day. *sigh*

I've still not had much response in my hunt, and even the couple of blips that popped up (including the VIHA lead) seem dead. Oh well, a nice relaxing weekend is ahead of me. I'm off to Seattle to get nice and drunk ... I mean celebrate Chelsie's birthday. It will be very good to be back visiting my favourite Seattlites again so soon, and just sad that Sheena will not be with us this time. Her parents are arriving this weekend for her grad ceremony, and so she's elected (duh) to stay and visit with them while she can.

Okay, so I'm gone again now. ...But I promise to try and write a little more often!

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May 21, 2004 08:54 AM PST

No entries for a week - is that cool or what? I keep meaning to post about last weekend, and the pictures that I added to the photos section and stuff, but things just keep coming up.

Maybe I'll get to something later today. For now, I just want to publicly announce that Jay Allen called me, personally, a chump!*

(extenuating circumstances of course - I first called myself a chump because I truly was one)

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May 14, 2004 03:53 PM PST

Well there's a jolly fellow. In the stock market today, the Dow Jones was up 3 points at 22 and a third, and self-worth jumped 18 points to 238.6. Yes, well that's what happens when you have suitors drooling over you. While I am perhaps hyperbolizing a bit, there was indeed a great deal of interest expressed in myself today by the VIHA. I met with the web development team lead and things went swimmingly between us. Same ideology, same concerns, and a good deal of mutual respect. The piercings and coloured hair were not frowned upon or considered "non-conformist", more they were attractive as cool-factor.

The position is not yet guaranteed, and would only be contract for the forseeable future, but it is definitely a strong possibility. Also, it would be a step up on the career path, officially placing me in a lead developer role. With a cool boss, allowing many freedoms I lost when joining PWRM, this could be just the thing for this point in my life. It would demand ALL of my skills (including things like server management etc), and put them to good use.

Not too bad for a sunny Friday afternoon. I'm heading out to play now ... pausing at home a little later for some packing, and then to recap on Kill Bill Vol. 1 so I can see Vol. 2 next week. Tomorrow's plan is packing and moving to Timmy's garage, where I shall wait until I am assured a new job before hunting a new home. Saturday night's plan is Nanaimo for an old-fashioned undergrounder, then Sketchy Sunday and perhaps some driving range fun.

Now, on to beer!

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May 13, 2004 09:04 AM PST

Good morning and good god! Awakening this morning to find an email asking me to call someone in regards to work is ... shall we say astounding? I mean, what do I do? Call, I guess. Oh my.

Well, the issue isn't really that I've been contacted, although this is the first time this period of unemployment. The issue really is that it's for contract work. I've made mention before about how I'd like to strike out on my own and do this kinda thing, but I'm really worried about the instability.

Okay - I've just gotten off the phone with the guy, and I've had time to think about things. We didn't talk about what the job entails - we're meeting tomorrow to discuss that. However, it's probably not going to be a way of life - just a damned contract for a little while. It probably won't affect my job search that much.

So, yay for a(nother) possible contract, and I guess I'd just better keep on trucking. I might want to note here that the guy who contacted me this morning found out about me through an ex-employer and reference of mine. I stopped by his office yesterday to say hi and let him know I was looking. I don't know why I didn't go before - it only dawned on me when I was talking to Davin the other night about when I'd worked there.

No pics for this morning; I'm too busy-busy!

...And away I go!

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May 12, 2004 09:34 AM PST

A new morning dawns. It's 08:30 and I'm getting on with life. Sleepy sluree slumbers softly in my bed while I endeavour to get some good hunting done. Unlike Jim, I don't have any wonderful "this morning's coffee" (or perogies?) musings ... but wait - there may be tea that I can make.

Sounds of kitchen raiding, cupboards rattled, the tap runs. The steady low hiss of water set to boil. The aroma of the grey earl. Where-oh-where is the teapot? More cupboards, a sigh of resignation. Two cups on the counter, a splash of milk, a dab of sugar. All is in readiness. A liquid rumble signifies that the final element is ready. The concoction is carefully mixed; each ingredient careful portioned.

And finally, a long, slow slurp of satisfaction. Ahhhhh.

Now a full hour behind schedule (oh yeah, didn't I mention I had to read the regular round of blogs before posting my own?), I am ready to get on with things with a quiet vengeance. Perhaps I should have exercised and showered prior to the tea, because all I can think of now is a peaceful and unfrantic morning. Somehow, I'll have to find a compromise.

It is Wednesday, the beginning of my fourth week of joblessness.

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May 11, 2004 11:34 AM PST

I met Davin a number of years ago in normal time, but long, long ago in the speedy and ADD-riddled "rave-time". It was a tumultuous time, the late 90s. I was phasing out any possibility of going to normal nightclubs playing top 40 music, and spending more and more of my weekends at the electronic music bars - first Rumors, then the Limit, then back at Rumors which had become Hush. Actually, Hush didn't come into existance until after 2000, but that's hardly an issue here.

It was somwhere in June, and somewhere in Duncan, and I was at my very first party. To this day, I have no idea what it was called or who was playing. All I know was that it was near the end of June and Forrestry Pools. My first party was amazing - the music, the people, the outdoors. It grabbed me, spun me round, and thrust me headlong into a life I had never dreamed.

After that first party came another and another. Soon it was September, and I was searching for something I could do to contribute to this new community with which I was already in love. It struck me as I searched for websites with party info on them that though there were probably 4 at the time, none were totally up to date. I decided that as I was so web-oriented myself, that I would take it upon myself to start my own site, with a cool design and located on a good URL - instead of the geocities-type things I had mostly seen. Further, I would commit myself to staying on top of the flyers located in certain stores, and ensure that the site was always populated with the freshest info.

I put the word out at a couple parties, and soon I felt the first twinges of success - a few people were starting to visit. I even convinced a friend who threw some pretty famous house parties to put my website address on one of his flyers. After that, I had a regular little following.

It was around that time that I received my first email from Davin. Davin's was one of the sites which I had dismissed for being too outdated, and had mentioned as much in one of the first news postings on my site. Davin had read the news and felt the jab as unfair, since he had previously been very diligent at updating his site, and had unavoidably been unable to update his site when I was looking. I never meant to arouse anyone's ire, so asked to meet up for coffee to discuss our differences.

Once we met, however, our differences seemed few and we liked each other at once. We left that initial coffee with unity of direction and purpose. We would work together to bring the island the best damned underground party website ever!

So now it's almost 5 years later and things are pretty amazing. Rave Victoria has been thriving for that long, and though there have been a few little ups and downs, we currently run as an electronic music community website, and run about half a million page views a month. The core team has had to expand from just Davin and me, just to be able to keep on top of everything.

Through all of this, i feel Davin and I have not really seen enough of each other. Sure, I was in Seattle for 2 years, and we saw each other a fair bit when I was back on weekends, but I've been back for 2 years now, and since we don't hit up parties quite as often as we once did, we aren't seeing the most that we possibly could.

I keep saying to myself that Davin and I need to hang out more, but it just never seems to happen. Perhaps now that he has a dedicated post in my blog, things will get better. I wonder what Davin's doing tonight? I have a couple things I'd like to chat with him about. One of them I mentioned very surreptitiously in a previous entry, and Davin's blog that sparked this entry reminded me of it.

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May 10, 2004 11:48 PM PST

Caption for the above: "Who's meat is this?". Saturday night was delicious. No, really. After what, 5 months of talk, Sheena finally got her fondue night organized, and boy was it great! There were 7 people, 4 fondue pots, and buckets of food - meat, veggies, breads, dips, fruits and other desserts. It was delicious fun! And mmmmmmm, mmmargaritas!

As you'll note in the other 2 pictures, my sentiments were echoed by the other folks there as well. I think the evening may have to be held again in the nearish future.

During the day on Saturday, I spent time with Timmy. Good talkin', and even some productivity as I helped her clean and sort her garage. This was partially due to my moving in this week; I will be parking most of my stuff in her garage until I find a new job and can then get a new place.

Sunday's trip to the driving range and mini-putt was definitely a great spontaneous idea. Having never really golfed before, and many friends talking about it lately, I thought it high time I get some idea of this game - which my father has played so religiously for years. At the range, after some initial "issues" and subsequent grip and swing assistance from one of the employees, things went fairly well. I was surprised that most of the time my drives were not completely incompetent, just mostly. It was quite thrilling the few times my ball went straight and long ... up to somewhere around 175 yards! I have no idea what a 'good' drive's distance is, so please don't disillusion me.

I have been having such a good time this last little while - especially my weekends. Fan-tan-man-tastic!

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May 06, 2004 04:29 PM PST

The difference between "chillaxin" and "industriously working" can be a very fine one. In my case today, it was merely the type of website I was browsing. Reviewing websites of a multitude of small tech companies in Victoria is an example of the latter, and so is writing brilliant cover letters to companies that seem invariably to ignore me. Checking out the No Pants Day site, however, would be an example of the former. The other aspects - the sun, the shirtlessness, the feet on the table, and the loud, pulsating music - well, they're just standard elements of anyone's office, aren't they?

It has been a mildly cloudy day, but the warmth has shone through the entire time. I should know. For, while I did not actually make it outside yesterday, I have managed to have a fairly productive and tantastic day today. Oops - I meant to say "fantastic day"; how could I have slipped up like that?


Well, I still have much more to do this afternoon and evening, and the late afternoon sun is not so warm behind those clouds. I shall have to putter off now, but not before I make an observation: it is interesting, don't you think, tracking my state of mind from day to day during this time in my life. I note my somewhat erratic emotional status, and my somewhat relaxed attitude to accomplishing my goal of finding new employment. I am getting the impression that they may correspond, but I think more study is necessary. Stay tanned - err, "tuned" .... there I go again! ;)

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May 05, 2004 07:40 PM PST

Pause, blink, stare...

Apparently it's sunny outside. I can see through the half-closed slats of the wide wooden blinds the reflection of sunshine off the roof of a house down the road. The angle at which I sit is only slightly awkward - crossed legs and a laptop don't exactly work the way one could hope.

My head hurts a little. I'm kinda hungry. I feel bored, yet am unwilling to do anything productive. I have loads I could be doing, yet the urge ... well, it ain't there. Whine, whine.

So, I'm moving very soon. The place I'm at right now, the rent has been going up and up and up, and I just can't really justify paying as much for a room than I would for an entire one bedroom apartment! Of course, it'd be nice if I knew where I was going to be employed, but ... y'know.


This is not holding my attention either. I think I'm going to go mark a bunch of 12 year olds' tests (ugh!) and then maybe have some dinner. I think I need to go outside at some point too. I've heard some good things about the outside, and I intend to travel there myself one day.

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