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April 29, 2004 04:46 PM PST

I have said it many times to many people, but it gets no less true as time goes by: it's a beautiful time to be unemployed! My mornings are the main work time, the afternoons less busy, but still involve work (work-finding work). Of course, there are also errands to run, prep work for some potential small contracts, and time in the sun.

The latter is what I am currently enjoying. Wireless interweb access is a glorious thing. Sitting out on my patio, legs up, laptop in front of me, cool drink within easy reach, and telephone in case the unthinkable should happen and I get a call-back. I guess, having said that, that one could infer that the sun portion of my day could be experienced in conjunction with every task I perform in my daily routine. In fact this is so. I doubt any potential employer would really appreciate me lolling around in only shorts, but they have no idea how (un-) presentable I may be when they receive my email or phone call.

It sounds like my previous cow-irkers are still busy, hammering away at their daily tasks. Meanwhile, I am lollygagging out in the sun, thinking that working for myself doing web contracts would really be the way to go. The "career counsellor" (that's her title, but...) recently asked why I didn't consider that option. Actually, I have dreamed of the possibility for years, but the problem really is getting a steady stream of clients willing to *pay* normal/proper amounts of money for a website. Ah well.

Time to sign off for today; the afternoon draws to a close and I have yet another another busy night ahead, filled with friends and entertainment. Oh what a sorry state of affairs in which to be! ;)

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April 27, 2004 06:11 PM PST

It's my 2-week aniversary and things are going okay. The grey sky of the afternoon echoed my feelings. I was definitely overcast today, and slightly rainy. It was the first time I felt anything but positive since I left PWRM.

However, the weather has cleared, and so has my mood. The fact that there are still a lot of good places I haven't applied to yet has a good deal to do with that. The career counsellor said that applying to two places a day is really good, but somehow I don't think I'll feel comfortable with just that. Even with the careful research about who I'm applying to, I just don't know about my odds. I have yet to hear back from any of the companies to which I've applied.

The plants were refreshed by the spring rain, and so was I. I shall keep on keeping on; tomorrow will be a busy day. Funny how I'm looking forward to the weekend - one might think that, being unemployed, everyday is like a weekend day. Ha! Shows what you know. :P

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April 21, 2004 11:52 PM PST

A good productive day. Amongst many other things, two sets of photos finally posted. I sit here, ensconced in a comfy chair, feet propped on a matching ottoman, enjoying the ebb of my evening. Behind me are 2 of the most productive days of the past week. I'm feeling good, ready, for the big push on all the eligible employers in Victoria starting tomorrow.

For a Wednesday night, everything seems pretty good. I'm glad I still know what day it is - I'll start worrying when the days all blend together and I don't know which is which. A quote from a Primus song seems apropos: "Funny thing about weekends When you're unemployed They don't quite mean so much, except you get to hang out with all your working friends."

Whoa - apparently metal detecting is one of America's fastest-growing hobbies. If it's already the hour of this style of commercial, I think perhaps it's time to retire for the evening.

It's not particularly odd, me being worried about getting to bed at a reasonable hour when I don't have anything to get up for tomorrow. I do have an occupation these days that requires a decent hour of awakening: I am looking for work. So I'll be up by 08:30 tomorrow, and be busy working shortly thereafter. However, I just may spend a little more time enjoying the sun than you ... but those are just the perks of the job!

I wish you good day, eh. Oh, and here's another cat:

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April 19, 2004 10:03 PM PST

Day 7 of my new life comes to a close. I've been taking things easy - getting things done, but at a leisurely pace. The shining sun is a wonder to enjoy, especially after the months of being cooped up in The Cave, as we labelled our windowless office. The road of destiny stretches on before me; the deep blue sky and white-capped mountains eagerly beckon me.

The "career counsellors" the ex is so magnanimously funding, beside being so depressingly useless, are extremely surprised at my attitude. I had hoped that this facility made available to me would prove at least moderately useful in my hunt for new employment, but after two meetings I have given up any optimism of real aid from that quarter.

So, it's up to me alone - really, how could it be otherwise? I'm not attempting to play the martyr, though there is a small sardonic smile playing at the corners of my lips. Actually, I'm totally fine with it - I really only expected to rely upon myself. Am I managing to convey my honesty here, or is it all coming out sounding pouty? I TRULY DON'T MEAN IT THAT WAY!

LoL. "Dig up, stupid!"

Tell ya what - I'll distract you now with some furry feline fotos; enjoy Ralph's curious Sweetie.

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April 14, 2004 09:40 AM PST

Many things have happened in the past week. The confirmation of the termination of my employment was the biggest thing. I had a chat with my boss on Wednesday, and made the final deal with HR on Thursday. Yesterday was my last day.

After the meeting in which that decision was made, I sprinted off to the ferry, en route to the home town of a special girl. I have to say that I was not the most excited person in the car; Sheena and Jessie were heading home for Easter, while I was being dragged to a tiny, backwater burg to 'meet the parents'!

As with anything, first impressions are key, and the first words uttered to me by Sheena's father only underscored the point: "WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO TO YOUR HAIR??". With that out of the way, I knew things could only get better.

I have to admit, that not only was it NOT the grueling or nerve-wracking weekend that I had pictured as possibility. The town was not (exactly) a hole in the ground, and the parents I met (2 sets) were fun and easy-going. The area was phenominally beautiful and the hiking and hotsprings were likewise amazing - the hotsprings after the hike especially so.

So all-in-all, a good, relaxing weekend, followed by one single day of work, and now ...


Guess I had better get out of blogland, and into some job-hunting clothes. The future is out there wandering around looking for me - I had best get out to meet it!

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April 05, 2004 05:04 PM PST

The subject of communication has been dominating my thoughts this past while. I find it quite interesting that although we've been around interacting for (at very least) over 2000 years, we still have mammoth problems being clear with one another. This isn't a giant inference that I'm incomprehensible these days, but rather a topic I have been exploring with people, conversationally.

It's kinda crazy, don't you think, that something so key to our everyday existence, amazingly constructed as it has been so far, can so easily be shown to be so utterly lacking. So much rides upon communication - our entire relationship with every other person - and yet, without paragraphs and sub-paragraphs of legalese-style clauses, it is almost impossible to know for sure how someone else will take what we say... and not even then!

I have seen over and over lately that how one person views a situation is a far cry from how absolutely anyone else views the same situation. If I wasn't so happy-go-lucky, I think I'd feel horribly alone these days - cut off from everyone else simply by realizing that I can truly share everything with no one.

However, I'm happy enough going along as I always do - sharing what I can with those I love. Heh...

PS- I have an idea relating to communication and blogging. It will take some discussion to see if it can be fleshed out enough to become a solid item, so I'll say no more at the moment.

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April 01, 2004 07:26 PM PST

I love myself today
Not like yesterday.
I'm cool, I'm calm
I'm gonna be okay (uh huh)

Well, I don't know that I've ever not loved myself, but Bif Naked is definitely cheering me up. Well, I guess that's wrong too. I've been quite cheerful the last few days. My weekend in Washington state did me a world of good.

Having said that, I don't know if any one person or thing directly contributed to this; I think the whole experience just loosened me up. It was nice to enjoy - really enjoy - my three day weekend.

Sun, people, drivin', tunes, fire.

That's gotta be a great weekend summary in anyone's book! In fact, if I were to be unemployed (to pick something completely at random), now would be a fabulous time for it. The sun's out (heh-heh, I just mistyped "sin" instead of sun - talk about freudian!), the air's fresh, and life is blooming. Better now while the world is insanely cheerful than, say, winter time when everything is cold and lifeless.

Yep, I think things are going to be just fine. It's the first time I've really felt that in way too long. That's a sign in and of itself. Aw yeah!

Take another look at me now
'Cause it's your last look
Your last look forever

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