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January 29, 2004 10:43 PM PST
Shades of orange... pictures return to the blog!

I don't have too much to say today. I got paid, which is great, however the entire cheque, plus more, is going out to pay bills all due on Sunday or Monday. Also, it looks like I missed on of the greatest techno shows last night ever to be seen on the west coast. Sux, but oh well. Techno comes my way again on Monday night. Chewy's Leah's birthday. I am contemplating taking Tuesday morning off so I can really have fun. Mmmm, alcohol.

I'm kinda sleepy, but I'm craving some grapefruit ... so I guess it'll be a little while longer before I go to bed. For me, grapefruit is quite a ritual. First, the fruit must be halved, and then further disected - just so - and put in a bowl, ready to eat. Then, it must be put in the freezer until near-freezing. Then, finally, mmmmmmm! Tangy juicy goodness!

Well, here's my hair, as promised. The pics may not be as good as I wanted, but they're all I managed to get last night. And now, as I mentioned, grapefruit takes precedence over EVERYTHING else.

Mmmmm, fruity.

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January 28, 2004 02:35 PM PST

Have you ever awoken from a really good sleep? You feel absolutely refreshed and full of vigour. A yawn and a stretch usually accompany such mornings. One of the greatest feelings ever!

After my weekend off, I'm starting to feel something approaching "normal". I'm not too tired, and I'm looking forward to getting more social again. It's a slow process, building back up from nothing, then going through the stage of just chillaxin' quietly at home by myself, then feeling that I need to see people. I'm almost at that jonesin' to see folks stage right now. A good thing, too, since I'll be heading to a birthday gathering tonight, then to the last of my (still unnameable) classes tomorrow night, then out on Friday for various reasons.

The camera has been sitting dormant for quite a little while. I think it needs a little lovin' too. In fact, I found myself using my 'photo-eye' today as I went for a walk during my lunch break. It's the "lens" I put over my eyes to spot interesting photos to take ... OH! And I saw a shot last Friday that I seriously MUST try to capture. I don't know if I can make it turn out as well as it looks in my mind, but I'm going to give it my best!

I suppose I better get some good "personal time" out of the next little while, since it looks like I may have to head back into heavy-work mode again shortly. =( At least it shouldn't be as long a period this time.

I guess I should post a new pic of myself soon - you gotta see my orange hair! It's supafab! I'll try to get a good photo taken and posted soon.

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January 17, 2004 08:17 PM PST
Where have I gone/been?? I know everyone is just dying to find out - is our hero dead? Or just out of touch while fighting Mongolian pygmies in central Africa? Well, the answer is closer to the latter than the former ... but only because "out of touch" is closer than "dead". No, I have been embedded in my office at work for, let's see - what's today? - 13 straight days. And I'll be here tomorrow as well, plus all of next week until Friday.


At least I *have* to take Friday off. I'm taking care of Sheena after surgery that day, so it's a guaranteed "vacation". And maybe Saturday and Sunday too!

It's been a hell of a slog, this past 13 days, and the next 5 promise to be lightly grueling as well. Well, perhaps not so "lightly". ;S

I'm afraid I don't have much more to say today. It's been a week since my last posting, and now I'm being lame. Well, at least it's excusable... And, yes, it is *excusable*! The hours I've worked have been a little long to say the least, and the ever-increasing mountain of banked time is testament to that. If I ever dig myself out from under this pile of work, I have a couple of weeks of time off coming to me! ...Or cash. Hrm.

My computer clock is telling me it's 20:17, and so perhaps I should close this missive and head (screaming?) for home. I've been killing the last 10 minutes waiting for one of my officemates - we're leaving at the same time so that we can try and figure out the alarm system with our combined 4 brain cells left from a long day of work. Our other compatriot, who arrived earlier than Kyle and I today, headed out about an hour ago.

Wish us luck with the alarm.... And if you don't hear from me within a week, I've been arrested! ;)

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January 09, 2004 07:45 PM PST

I've been working on my first rant for my buddy Peter's "peopleihate" blog. It's a joint effort production by a number of people to catalogue (hopefully in some sort of interesting way) all the crap in the world that pisses us off. Perhaps it's a useless or uninteresting endeavour, but at least it helps us feel like we're doing something about all the idiocies of the world.

Perhaps I shouldn't spoil it (heh - like you're going to read it!), but my first entry is about moviegoers. The interesting thing is that I realize that there is an underlying theme to any rant I may make, which is making me wonder if I should just redo my entry to better align it with the key topic, and just be done after that one entry? But that would be no fun...

The problem I have with moviegoers is actually only with some of them. The ones who talk, jump up and down 50 times to get popcorn, candy, go to the bathroom, etc. Generally, the problem is one of a lack of respect for others, and it is the main problem I have with most of the people in society.

People that cut you off in traffic, don't signal, people who stop right in front of you, park their buggies in the middle of the aisle at supermarkets, people who demolish public washrooms, litter, ... you get the idea. People who break into your car and steal your lunch and your underwear!!

All in all, it's a tough world out there - full of people with whom I really don't wish to deal. It's Friday, such as it is; I need to chill!

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January 05, 2004 10:09 PM PST

Work, work, work. Relax, more work. Such is the trend of this winter for me. No more do I dawdle along, experiencing the winter festivals of foreign lands. No, that James is ... well, let's just say that that me is sleeping.

New Years was fabulous, and my 4-day weekend of the 25-28 was a nice respite. However, the fact that I was at work every day last week (barring Thursday only), and the ~12 hour day I pulled today, really push me - and not in a good way.

In this spirit, I do not post any cool pictures with this entry. In fact, I'm whipping through it just so I can go to bed. Another early and long day awaits.

Where is New Years? It was magical! Where is last winter - 3 weeks of tonsilectomized vacation? Where is winter 2001 - an adventure in Germany? What of life and love and beauty and passion???

Oh shaddup, boy! Quit your whining and get your ass to bed. Reality summons, and work's bailifs are already en route over the slippery roads - coming to steal you from sleep, so get your ass to bed!

Yeah, things aren't so bad, but I could have used a nice vacation, and I don't really need the stress right now... but things'll be fine. Just don't expect too much else from me for a week!

I leave you with a quick haiku - I shall be pondering it heavily in but a few hours, as hi-ho, hi-ho ... the rest, of course, you know. ;)

Night's chill oozes round
Roads' wetness solidifies
Slick, black treachery
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