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October 27, 2003 03:56 PM PST

Mmmm, that was a GOOD lunch! I must say that when I take the time to prepare batch lunches upon a weekend, I do a very good job. Yesterday, I spent a good deal of time in the kitchen, while neither barefoot nor pregnant, still managing to design and implement a serious amount of deliciousness.

First, it was Gai Mi Fen Tong (a wikked Chinese chicken noodle soup), then chicken curry, then "turds" - a chocolaty macaroon-like cookie. It's amazing that I am so conscious of waste and budgetary concerns, that I spend a good portion of my Sunday afternoon ensuring I have a range of healthy and tasty lunches for the next couple of weeks.

...or maybe it's because the food vendors local to my employment are absolute shite. Ah-ha! The light begins to dawn. I think it only took me a few months here to realize that even going to all the effort of making my own lunches was MUCH more preferable than forking over hard earned cash to the crap-merchants across the street from the office!

Hee-hee! Must be Monday. The day that I have to come in at 08:30 for a team meeting, instead of my usual 09:00 ... ish. Bitterness abounds. It's now 15:30 and I'm just dying to get out of here and go home. Anyone feel the urge to take me on some exotic vacation? I pine for a tropical paradise.

My job just isn't holding my attention these days. In the "down time" between development cycles, it's all about 'corporate-y' things: code reviews, personnel reviews, vague research, writing reports, and generally doing all the boring muck which I became a developer in order to avoid! We'll probably be going pretty strong again within a few weeks, but in the meantime, I'm not the most enthused outdoor recreational lodger (or "happy camper" to those who refuse to exercise their cerebral lobes).

Okay, well I can't think of any good segue to the next section, so I'll just make the disjointed leap.

For anyone who feels the urge to care, I have been investigating "features" to add to the blog software. If I am going to be using it semi-regularly now (I'm still suspiscious, knowing myself as well as I do), it definitely needs some improvements. First order of business is to get some sort of decent archiving; a calendar for current month, and links to archived months would probably be a good thing. I have found a piece of code which will aid in the calendar creation, so hopefully I'll get around to that soon. By some miracle, I've already run past the 5-post viewable limit I imposed on the blog main page.

However, it may be just a little while before I manage to get that up and running. I've already regaled you, gentle reader, previously with the many technical tasks that are currently vying for my attention. And apparently, the cable company has been and gone to my house - my new PC-TV awaits in readiness.

In actuality, it's been ready to go for a week, but I'll finally be able to test it properly with a cable signal. Of course, I'm still waiting for the software upgrade to arrive in the mail. Things won't be complete until then, but at least I can see if I can start recording The Simpsons to my hard drive!

I'm sorry, but my priorities are set!

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October 22, 2003 03:27 PM PST

I hope it's raining outside right now. I can't tell because my office is rather displaced from any outward-facing windows. It's such a wonderful standard of corporateness to have windows everywhere. I don't know why - if I can't see outside (never mind be able to OPEN the window), it's really a "why bother" situation.

For some reason, I'm alone in my office right now. It's odd because I share an office with 3 other people - another feature of corporateness which does nothing to help my productivity. Of course, I am proving the logic right now, since devoid of person-distractions as I currently am, I am still able to find something to engage me other than work. Ah, perhaps I am just talented. ;)

I said that I hope it's raining because that would definitely suit my mood. My current wallpaper is predominantly dark, Metallica and Tool have been coming up more frequently in my random mp3 rotation, and it just *feels* like it should be rainy.

Not that I'm suggesting the torrential weather we've been having lately, but maybe a light drizzle ... that will stop when I head home from work. Yes, I definitely would prefer no rain today once I am able to enjoy the outside.

Ahhh, DJ What's "Pretty Liz" set is on now, and is asking me in a synthesized voice if I'm having fun. Think I'll turn it up and get workin'.

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October 21, 2003 02:30 PM PST

Here's the update you've been dying for: I managed 2 points in hockey last night (1 goal, 1 assist)!!! Wooo me! We won 11 to 5, which puts us at 2 and 3 (2 wins, 3 losses). Not stellar, however, I'm convinced we will bounce back from our poor start.

Unfortunately, even though I (slightly) increased my standing in the player stats list, I lost ground in the hockey pool. Oh well, just more incentive to work harder next game. Stunningly, I have 5 points so far after only 5 games. Last year, I had a total of 7 points for the entire year!

I wasn't feeling totally wiped after the game, so I went and worked off the last of my energy at the gym. It's amazing how much more busy that place is when you go at 18:30 rather than 20:30! After a half-hour of that, though, I was ready to call it quits.

Home for dinner: giant, 2-weiner hotdog with cheese and bacon - mmmm! And Erik "got a craving" - code in our house for "Damn I really want a DQ Blizzard". So, of course I had to go get us a couple. *sigh*

I was feeling generous because Erik got my PC-TV working (mostly) yesterday. I think he didn't actually do any real work yesterday - just obsessed on getting our machines running. Of course, just as I was heading out to get our ice creamy treat, he yelled "Oh shit - I forgot I have work to do for clients for tomorrow!!". Oh, the pain of working for yourself (and from home). I wish I had his problems!

Funny thing about after being on a diet (did it for a couple months, lost a few pounds of flab) - I'm much more concious of the crap I eat now, and don't have quite the same appetite for junk. Normally, I would have had a large Blizzard, and devoured the whole thing. This time, I ordered a medium (it's actually pretty small), and only ate half!

But, returning to my earlier point: so I now have a PC-TV in my room and ready for next week, when the cable will finally get turned on to our bedrooms. Sheesh. I feel just like Homer while waiting his mandatory 5 days before he could buy his handgun - how can I wait that long? ;)

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October 20, 2003 01:49 PM PST

What cruel torture is this? A non-holiday Monday! Now, I'm fully cognisant that, in fact most Mondays are not holidays, but, jeez-louise, they should be! And to add insult to injury, I got flu, and tetanus/diphtheria vaccination shots this morning. Arm's a little stiff, and brain is stuffed with cotton. The nurse, about to start her normal prattle about needles and the shots (to distract those who get nervous), stopped short, observing that I must not "fear the needle" (echoes of "Don't Fear the Reaper"?) because of my myriad of 'painful-looking' (her words) piercings.

So, yes, after such a lovely weekend, what a way to spoil things. To steal a quote from my favourite TV show: "Here comes Captain Bringdown and the Buzz Killers!".

Well, that's okay, I guess. It's already half-way through the day, and I have floor hockey to look forward to tonight. I've chosen myself as one of my hockey pool players, so I have an even more vested interest in how I do this season! I'm currently ranked #7 in the hockey pool (significantly lower than that in player stats), and so I need to score some more points to bring up my standing on both lists.

Two big nights out this weekend. Friday night was a birthday party. I haven't been to the ol' Sticky on an evening in quite some time. Wow - the 'normal' bar scene crew are scarier than ever. I think it's funny that with all the wide range of weird and wonderful experiences I've had, I can still feel out of place and slightly uncomfortable! Of course it didn't last ... after a few drinks, everything was fiiiine. ;) And the evening ended at Hush for some great breakbeat, so all was well.

Saturday was Deko-ze. For anyone who knows who/what I'm talking about, I need say no more. For everyone else, it was just another amazing night. Fun music, great atmosphere, and more familiar faces than I've seen in a long time. I called it a family reunion. ...of course there a few notables (even ones who read this) who were missing on Saturday night, but all-in-all, a great time. And if you feel yourself growing slightly red in the face, realizing that you are one of the notables to whom I was referring, GET YOUR ASS OUT next time!

Oh yeah, and Sunday was just a slack-around day. Saw Kill Bill (part 1) - definitely proves that Quentin Tarantino has still got the touch. Also tried to put together a PC that will allow me to watch TV in my room, should I feel the urge, but I was thwarted by the demons of software. Almost made me question my career choice. (Yeah right)

Oh well, I'll probably be at it again tonight.

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October 17, 2003 11:21 AM PST

Ahh, a Friday. The end to the week, and the beginning of the weekend. Some pretty serious drinking is on the books for tonight... and then some Deko-ze for tomorrow. Yummy!

I am trying to keep up with my personal assignments, but having some trouble. I have to get back into computer-contract mode for a long overdue project, but first must make some financial decisions for server hosting (my own AND the contractee's). Plus there's the potential need to upgrade my aging development hardware, and dealing with Rave Victoria...

But enough geek talk! I should be concentrating on lighter things like last nights quite night home - with my roommate out of town until late, it was nice to have the place to myself.

Of course, I'll be making up for that quietness this weekend, what with the aforementioned plans. And then there's painting. I promised to help my roomie paint my old room - what is to become his (our) office. The alarm guy is coming today to put in a sensor because we're going to be keeping all our computers (workstations/servers) in there. What a couple of geeks! ;)

Here's where I would insert a couple of wikked photos, but I still don't have that digital camera, and what with my anticipated (computer-related) expenditures over the next while, it looks like the camera purchase will have to be put off for some time.

I'll leave you with something to ponder until next we meet: what shall I have for lunch today?

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October 15, 2003 02:41 PM PST

So. So I like to write, but generally feel that I have nothing to say. And I've felt this way for a long time (note last entry in Feb). I have prattled on at length about this before. And am again.

So anyway, how are things going? My fall is shaping up rather nicely. I have a rather long list of people I am supposed to visit, but I seem to be putting things off as much as possible. After a long and busy summer (more work-busy than fun-busy), I have been enjoying the simple life, with only my laundry to tax my free time.

I have been trying to get out to "fun-busy" more often. I have sadly neglected the bar almost as much as I have this blog. Well, the last 2 or 3 weekends have put me on the road to correcting that situation, and a friendly nudge from Davin has set me looking back here again...

For anyone who cares for an update on those issues mentioned in my previous post, the car is still going great - it's going in for its second regular servicing tomorrow. My rent has gone up, due to one of my roommates moving out (and our decision to remain at two people), but I'm not as concerned about money as I was. Not that anything's really changed, just I've adjusted. Oh, and of course Burning Man was phenominal as usual. Looks like next year will see another amazing crew at Costco. Oh, and I actually met my soulmate this year - and it was fab!

Okay, enough shirking work.

"On that note, let's get back to the program."

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