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February 03, 2003 05:04 PM PST

Monday cycles round again. It was with no particular great emotion that I came into work today. Things are happening. I may not be coding, but I'm also not doing menial work anymore.

The weekend was great! A funny drunken toga party in Vancouver led to good times on Saturday night, then good discussions on Sunday. A healthy mix of idiocy and sincerity - which is always a good thing.

Money has finally become "an issue" for me. I have never really been poor, though never lived high on the hog, either. Now, however, I am feeling budget-conscious. My financial responsibilities have come to the highest point ever (yes, I'm referring to the car), and I don't seem to have planned for the one-off outlays - regular insurance transfer and upgrade, ticket payment, and 'replacement' insurance.

This, plus buying my and two others' tickets for Burning Man caused some little issues when the bills rolled in. "Luckily", I got a profit-sharing bonus from work on Friday, or my landlord and/or credit card company would be after me with hired goons!

I hate it when I get doses of reality! ;|

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