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January 24, 2003 03:51 PM PST

A tough week.

After the rush of automotive purchase, and the trepidation of the sheer mass of financial commitment involved, I realized that there was something rather important I was to present this week at work.


Too late, I began foraging around, trying to get my information together and in a presentable form. It didn't work. By late Thursday morning (meeting time), I had rather a shoddy effort cobbled together in MS Powerpoint.

Semi-fortunately, a helpful department manager deflected the my anticipated humiliation of looking (well-deservedly) like an incompetent boob by putting off my presentation. I say "semi-fortunate" because now I have my boss' boss (the department manager in question) fully aware that I dropped the ball so utterly.

Ah well, life goes on. The utter panic of yesterday has faded with the time and effort I have finally put into the presentation. When I make it on Monday, I might not even get laughed out of the room!

And anyway, who cares?!! That's Monday - a whole weekend from now! And now I think I need to forget about work and go home to play.

...and perhaps have a beer.

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January 20, 2003 04:52 PM PST


The sound of an Acura RSX speeding down ... well, *any* road! I feel pretty 'normal' for just having put myself into life-hoc in order to obtain this rather amazing driving machine. The excitement of checking out cars, and the antici- ... pation of a new material purchase seemed simply to disappear when the Moment of Truth arrived.

Still, not a bad thing not to be too excited; just ensures that I am concentrating on the road while hurtling around at 150kmph! <wicked grin>

And speaking of hurtling, I have a hockey game to attend shortly. I think perhaps I should, how does the man put it? "Get [my] motor running; head out on the highway; looking for adventure... and whatever comes my waaaaay!"


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January 14, 2003 04:37 PM PST

Another week jets by with no discernable checkpoints. Things simply happen, then more things happen, and then something different happens, and then it's next week. And then, of course, we just simply stand around stunned and say "what happened??".

So anyway, now it's next week. I got my car back at the quoted price, and it's working great. I spent lots of quality time with friends of quality. I did a whole whack of research, and headed out on the first car-shopping adventure.

The thing is, my car is working great, but it's already got 225,000km on the clock. Since I've recently done to it all the major work I can foresee for the next few years, I believe it really is time to move on up. My requirements for the new vehicle are simple: must have rear defrost; must have cup holders; must fit 3 or more people; must require minimal maintenance; must be at least quasi-sportific.

The first 3 of those criteria are due to the fact that my current 1992 Mitsubishi Eclipse is sadly lacking in those areas. The fourth criterion is for my piece of mind, and the fifth is in case I am accidentally castrated and require a penis-surrogate.

I have a budget, a plan, and a list of cars to test drive. This past weekend's trip up-island, to check out the newly-arrived Mitsubishi dealership and its stock of Eclipsii, was mainly merely to satisfy a curiousity. The prices of the Eclipse in its various trim-types is nigh on prohibitive, and the superiour handling and soupy engine (that purred happily at 70km/h in a 50km/h zone) would probably cost me more in speeding tickets than the original sticker price!

Anyway, I don't want to reveal too much of my strategy and aims at this juncture, however you'll probably know as soon as I make a purchase.

The excitement of car-shopping is occupying an almost-disturbing amount of my brain at any given moment, the only hope: self-gratification. (I mean 'auto purchase', you pervs!)

That does segue nicely into some non-car-related memories from this weekend - a 3-hour discussion of "theories", in and around philosophy and regarding the state of the world and human kind. It was a conversation such as of old, during my salad days at university. A conversation of the type I dearly miss and hope to have more of in the near future.

But I digress; the relevant point was that there are two opposite paths to a "wantless" state: self-denial and self-gratification.

I guess I'm firmly a man of the West.

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January 08, 2003 03:29 PM PST

And we're back! It's been a long, long recovery. So much for the surgeon's promised "you'll be 100% better by the 11th day". Only this week have I started really perking up. I've been hovering around 95% healed for a week and a half. While that may sound pretty good, that 5% was damned annoying.

New Years was good, though. I made plans to go out prior to having the surgery, and stuck to my guns when the time came. No pesky absence of tonsils was going to stop me from partying hardy.

I shall spare you the details - I know the babble of phenominal time-having-ness would just make you jealous - and just say that almost the whole crew was there, and the 2 newbies we brought along truly enjoyed the ride!

The new year brings its annual promise of soon-to-be-broken resolutions: during our regular Monday swim (my first since the surgery), we noticed a doubling of people splashing about. We can only hope that these people are typical NYRs ("New Years Resolutioners"), and that we'll have our pool back and quiet within a few weeks.

On a non-sequitorial note, my car's broken, in the shop, and about to cost me a small fortune. Well, I'll scare that bastard back into line - we're going to take a look at the new models this weekend. If that doesn't scare it straight, I'll ... well, perhaps I'll just have to buy a new car!

And that's all the news that's fit to print today.

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