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November 03, 2002 01:48 PM PST

Ha-ha! Caught you looking! I mentioned below (well, in one of the comments) that I was canning this whole blogging project. So why do I continue to get visitors up to 5 months after the last post?! Must be those damned search engines messing with people's heads.

Well, if people will come, I shall perhaps provide. Note the cunning wording there to hold me irresponsible if I fail to deliver... wait, is "irresponsible" really the word I want here? Heh, oh well.

How about an update? Number 1 thing - tonsils are still in. I wait and I wait for an appointment to be booked for surgery. I never really expected to get them out before early 2003, but I haven't heard from the doc in forever. Guess it's up to me to rekindle that relationship.

Number 2 thing: my wealth of friends. They're still here, too. I've been focussing a lot on spending time with my fiends (intentional). My summer and fall have treated me very well, and the now-annual Burning Man trip with the Costco Soulmate Trading Outlet crew was supa-fab!

I am, however, rather touchy lately with some people. I really don't know why. Too many complications to go into here, but I wonder if there is a simple heart to the matter...?

"and like that <blow>, he's gone"

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