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June 30, 2002 12:06 PM PST

Sunday has rolled around, and I was up at 10:30. Rather rudely awakened by a phone call, I have since come to the conclusion that celebrating a morning would not necessarily be a bad thing. So here I am, sitting in the living room, ears awash with mechanical sounds of the various cleaning appliances that I have set to action. Cereal ingestion has taken place (a rare event for me), but no coffee, for I am one of those few not attuned to the addictive caffeine buzz.

Aside from that, the sunny outside is looking rather inviting. Perhaps, after a quick performance of morning ablutions (or afternoon, as I now see it is), I shall sally forth to seek my fortune on this, the second of the three days of my holiday weekend.

The Day of Sloth has passed, the Day of Weekendly Action is present, and the promise of tomorrow's Carefree Day Off tickles my anticipation.

Turn off the computer - we must away!

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June 28, 2002 11:02 AM PST

It's Friday! The day that begins the long weekend. All I have to do is make it through today - pretend that I'm working - until about 3:30pm, then bail. Really, it shouldn't be that difficult - it seems to me that I pretend to work an awful lot these days.

Of course, it's really not my fault - I'm not being challenged. The big new project I'm supposed to be working on, that is the first of the line of the Whole New Direction that the company is taking, has been in the definition stage for the entire 4 months that I've been here! And before you start trying to tell me that it's normal to go through such rigorous decision-making processes (especially if it involves a Whole New Direction), let me set you straight.

The basic definition of the project is done within a week, in my experience with this specific one. Others, I might agree with you on, but this project is really quick to define. The problem lies in the organization (oxymoron, anyone?) itself. The original idea seemed fine to me, however it was voted down by the executive. They turned around and said that it needed to be this whole other thing. We tried to build a prototype, and quickly realized that we had not enough information. We turned to the executive, spawners of this idea, but it seemed their muse had dried up. We turned to marketing, who would have to sell it when we were done, and they had no ideas. So, we went into a bit of a decline for a while. Then someone had the brilliant idea of asking our CUSTOMERS what they want! Anyway, apparently there are some ideas now, but where the project is at, I have no idea... and I'm the lead developer!

Anyway, the point of that, or rather the reason for the excuse I generated to be able to legitimately post that diatribe, was that in the absence of any challenging projects, the piddling little (and I mean LITTLE) assignments just seem to take me forever to do. Perhaps because I spend so much time working on this blog and its software.

After all that, I feel that I've really done some work today. Well, I've written something that mentions work, so doesn't that count? The daily useless-mail is already starting to pour in, with subjects like "away after 1pm" and "gone after 2:30". I think I should send out one of my own, "away after 11am", and head out to enjoy the weekend. You know it'll never happen; I'll sit in my office and send ICQs until 3:30pm, then head home after a "hard day at work".

Have a good 'un.

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June 27, 2002 11:37 AM PST

What a wonderful beginning - I start blogging on a Saturday (my first attempt at "diaratising" since 1993's dismal failure), make 3 daily posts, and then disappear for 2 days! Well, it's okay - I was damned busy. Actually, I have been thinking on and off since last night how best to approach describing my activities of the previous days in this forum.

I spent a few hours with Timmy last night, droning on about my life for the last 3 weeks since the last time she was updated. It wasn't that I was being boring, simply that the noteworthy events that have occurred in the last while have been both numerous and complicated. Couple that with the almost painfully detailed (though generally amusing) manner in which I recount such episodes, and you'd have a twenty-page document. Now, I'm not going to delve into the events of the past three weeks here - they fall into the "pre-blog" period and therefore I feel no responsibility to spend the inordinate amount of time it would take to convert them from "memorical" to a more digitally perusable format.

However, this still leaves me with the daunting task of trying to sum up the events of the past two days (well, mostly just Tuesday evening, since last night was basically just dinner with Timmy and the detailing of previous events). In addition, we have stumbled upon the problem that is my greatest vice: digression. In order to explain some of Tuesday's happenings, it is necessary to pop back a little further in time and give some background. Of course, you then run the risk of getting yourself into a recursive loop, and end up spiraling back to the beginning of time itself!

Of course, this only occurs because I feel it's necessary to provide the background. What if I didn't? Could I not just find some way around the part that "needs" the background? Well, yes. But if I did, I would no longer have a digression problem, and I feel it's important for everyone to have at least one flaw.

So, without any further ado, I present to you "Tuesday Night":
I had fun.

No, sorry, that's all you're going to get. I could regale you with tales of drunkenness, a prosaic essay or two on the various merits of kissing and/or throwing lettuce pee on attractive women, or even provide a detailed analysis of youth's electronic "counter-culture" gone mainstream, but let's just leave it at a good night with good friends and good tunes.

Good? Good.

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June 24, 2002 11:15 PM PST

Another day passes us by. It was another sunny and warm day, but what does that matter - today was a school (work) day. They don't care about you, they don't give a damn about the summer you're missing, all they want is your presence in the office. I might want to clarify for a quick second here - I'm not terribly bitter, just building up to my point.

Let me ask you, can you, and I mean is it physically possible, to do your job outside? My job, web programming monkey for a tech firm, is well-suited to being done on a laptop, on a hill, overlooking the water and mountains. I have a cell phone; it's not like we have a communication "issue". Ahhh, the great patterns of tradition.

It has just dawned on me that a "blog" is a wonderful place to rant. You can go off on whatever topic you choose for as long as you want, and no one demands their turn to speak. On the down side, I can sit here and rant to myself from now to infinity, but to whom? Who really wants to sit and read my drivel?

I'm not sure where I can go with this concept. I have the idea that a blog or diary is used to express feelings and thoughts that may not otherwised be expressed. However, I seem to have little difficulty in expressing myself whenever I feel the need. I don't consider this to be obnoxious, rather 'healthy'. It's the other people that think I'm obnoxious, but thankfully lovably so.

Well folks (or folk, or me), Traffic's playing on the tube in front of me (god, I love wireless networks!) and it's got me in a funny head space. The use of colours, music, and real life, non-movie sounds. It's a pretty effective use of cinematic effects - well put together, if a little preachy. I think that I shall head to bed, with Soderbergh's blue and yellow colour washes tinting my dreams.

Buenas noches, mis amigos.

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June 23, 2002 11:36 PM PST

Sunday night - the end of the weekend. I'm tired, physically tired. This is a good thing, really. I spent this beautiful, warm, sunny day out in the woods in the backass end of nowhere. There's nothing quite like slogging through fallen branches and small trees, blazing your own trail through the Great Outdoors. A beautiful day, a beautiful forest (well, aside from the clearcut bits), and the wonderful feeling of tired you can only get from something like that.

There are two small problems, however. Branches and bugs. In a clearcut, it turns out, there are thousands of branches and small trees that, while still cut down, seem to be of no use to the logging companies. I suppose this is just logic, but it really hits home as each branch and tree reach up to grab you as you go by. Those and the bugs - I have no idea what those damned little winged bastards live on when I'm not there! (Oh, and for those that noticed, yes, I'm fully aware that I stole the concept of that last sentence from a certain book ... but, dammit, the paraphrasing was my own!)

Anyway, I should probably mention that I did notice that yesterday I posted that the first of anything was always the most exciting. I guess if that's true, then you and I have not much to look forward to, the way yesterday's post was! Oh well. We'll see how it goes, eh?

Okay, I said I was tired, and I am. I'm audi.

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June 22, 2002 11:23 PM PST

#1. Yes - il premiero; my first blog.

Always the most exciting and hope-filled post on any system. The belief that you are heading down a new path, a new trend that you will continue for a long time. Oh well, it'll be interesting to see 1.) how often new posts are made, and 2.) just how long this whole concept will last for me. I'm notorious for coming up with ideas, but once the initial planning, design, or even execution is complete, my interest begins to wain.

So, I actually have relatively little to say today. Not because of anything besides the fact that I'm tired. I was inspired to try this by my friend "tinyrave". His blog is always (well, almost always) well-written and accompanied by brilliant digital photos. I think I'll start without the photos first, and just see how it goes.

My purpose for blogging is to practice/exercise my writing (in-)abilities. I used to be able to write fairly decently, and at one point, I even enjoyed it! Let's see how far I go with this...

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